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Rome, 15 June 2018

The next summit will be on the one hand the continuation of policies already agreed in the past five years and on the other it has to respond to challenges that are emerging due to their global nature. Each summit is a compromise between underlying issues (internal political cohesion, the force of non-state actors in hybrid warfare, crisis prevention strategies) and pressing implementation needs. An implementation summit has few possibilities to involve the public opinion at large, but it is a good occasion to target influencers, opinion formers and decision makers.

The NATO Defense College Foundation intends to convene a select group of high-level practitioners and specialists to cover three main themes: collective defence and deterrence, the transitioning of the strategic landscape and the Open Door Policy especially vis-à-vis the Balkans.

In the first panel, the speakers will offer key frameworks in which one can critically set fundamental themes like the political nature of NATO, defence spending targets and their implications on defence, deterrence and counter-terrorism in an evolving relationship with the EU.

The second panel will try to explore the need for a strategic coherence of the Alliance’s missions in a volatile, blurred and fast-changing strategic landscape. Important missions like counterterrorism, Afghanistan, Iraq, resilience in the MENA region, KFOR have evolved very much from the initial assumptions of a decade ago.

In the last session, the Open Door Policy will examine, considering especially the Balkans: a region that has shown remarkable progress since the tensions of seven years ago, but that is now entering a critical transition towards a new degree of stability involving difficult choices in the internal politics of all countries. Decision makers and influencers of different types tend to take the Balkans for granted so that it is relevant to show them both national and NATO interests at play.




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