“The spirit of our endeavour is, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, President

Arab Dispatch

The initiative #ArabDispatch consists of weekly publications aimed to keep the audience updated
about the latest and most topical news concerning the Arab world.

Every issue is composed of brief summaries of three relevant events occurred
in North Africa, Levant, and the Gulf during the week.

Ultimately, the section #ArabInsight provides a commentary of contents appeared on local Arab media.

February 2021

28th (Jan)/4th
The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum nominates a transitional government. The US restores diplomatic ties with Palestine while Italy, following Biden’s decision, halts arms sales to Saudi Arabia. A new citizenship policy in UAE ignites controversy on social media.
GERD negotiations remain stalled. The murder of a prominent Lebanese Shiite opposition thinker shakes theLevant , while in the Gulf the US administration ends its support to the Saudi-led coalition and the UAE celebrates Amal mission to Mars.
The newly formed Interim Government sparks hopes for Libyans. While Jordan focuses on economic cooperation in the region, Bahrein witnesses a difficult financial recovery followed by the evolution of the Takfir ideology from early Islam to Daesh.

January 2021

1st / 7th
MENA economic stagnation: labor strikes in Tunisia along with Lebanon’s financial collapse. While Houthis’ attacks undermine the Yemeni government, Arab media celebrate the end of the GGC blockade against Qatar.
New horizons with the British-Moroccan Gibraltar tunnel and a less promising vaccination campaign in Palestine. Yemen’s perspectives after the GCC reconciliation along with the anniversary of Gen. Soleimani’s death.
Massive unrests in Tunisia. The US moves Israel under the CENTCOM while designates UAE and Bahrain as major security partners. Arab media unveil their scepticism over Biden’s presidential election victory.
Al-Sarraj creates a new security body to ensure his position in Libya. Prisoners exchange in Jordan between Yemen’s warring sides while suicide bombings claimed by ISIS spark fears in Iraq. Vaccine race in the MENA explained by Arab media.



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